From shame to peace

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Teo van der Weele has spent many years counselling and working with the victims of sexual abuse. He is critical of current counselling techniques, believing that sometimes the process of uncovering a painful past can be more destructive than the memories themselves. He is also concerned about the underrecognised danger of counsellor-induced 'false memories' and suggests ways to avoid this trap. He argues for the creation of a Christian environment where those who have been abused can find hope and healing. "I passionately believe it is God's intention for churches to be like islands of healing in a broken world," he writes. "As believers together we have the opportunity of experiencing an encounter with Jesus himself." Teo van der Welle has thirtyfive years' experience as a missionary counsellor in Asia and Europe. He has taught in over 100 Youth with a Mission schools and is involved in the training of lay counsellors. The pastoral approach of Teo J. van der Weele is the basis of the programme of ESARPAC (European School of Abuse Related Pastoral Counselling).
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AuthorT. van der Weele
PublisherImportantia Publishing
Binding MethodPaperback
Year of Publication2019
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