From Saint to Sint to Santa

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This is a family story book about the Dutch celebration of Sinterklaas and the magical tale of Saint Nicholas through the ages. First, present day Sinterklaas parties and events are described along with the origins and gradual developments over the years. Sinterklaas has written his story as a gift for one of the book’s characters to read aloud to family and friends at their ‘pakjesavond’ (presents evening) party - The Story of Saint Nicholas, from Saint to Sint to Santa.


Carol de Groot was born in 1943 in Stratford, and grew up in Stratford and Oshawa in southern Ontario, Canada. She is the youngest of three sisters. She enjoyed a very close, strongly bonded, extended family life, with everyone spending summers together with family and friends in Muskoka. Carol graduated from University of Toronto in 1965 with an honours degree in Economics and History. After living in Jamaica for many years, she married her Dutch husband, Henk, and they moved to the Netherlands in 1988. She worked in Amsterdam for ten years for a European association of high-speed Internet providers for research and education as conference and PR Officer, and since her retirement, she works freelance as an English-language editor for papers, reports, and theses in the fields of Internet technology and business practice. Carol is an enthusiastic, sincere, and active member of the Scots International Church Rotterdam. This is her first book.

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Auteurde Groot Carol
Aantal bladzijdes40
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Recensie achterlatenFrom Saint to Sint to Santa
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