From impossible to present

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Life comes with a challenge or two. Kapitocha, a young ambitious personality, is struggling with Life. He became tired, afraid, angry and upset. His world seems filled with disease and terror. He believes money rules everything. How to calm down? One night, Kapitocha wakes up in his dream and has a deep conversation with his inner Self. Step by step, he comes to perceive his reality from a different angle. With the guidance of his inner Self, Kapitocha begins to understand his fear and excuses. Patiently persisted, he finds the power to move beyond his limiting beliefs. With a new understanding, he is now increasing his ability to choose happier, wealthier, healthier responses. Finally, he remembers the joy and love for Life. From imPossible to Present, he now wants what he gets! His journey starts here and now, just like yours. The book ardently desires to be a great gift to yourself, or perhaps, a dear friend. Each page is beautifully illustrated. Become inspired and make your own 'imPossible' a Present!

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AuteurFrederik Vanden Broeck
PublisherBrave New Books
Aantal bladzijdes73
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Recensie achterlatenFrom impossible to present
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