Evolution towards plant-based food

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Increase in diseases transmitted from livestock to humans: - Zoonoses as BSE, SARS, MERS, Q Fever and the spread of multi-drugs resistant bacteria were the result - Live animal-based food markets are related to highly pathogenic influenza - Increase in cancer is, very recently, since mid 20th century - Oncogenic retroviruses as chicken and bovine leukemia viruses are now detected in our food chain with more refined lab methods - Bovine leukemia virus was detected in breast cancer tissue of women - Consumption of meat is related to colorectal cancer - Common bird flu infections with Chlamydiae were found to be related to lung cancer and malignant lymphoma - Climate change. In the last 50 years, our diet has become increasingly unnatural. Meat, milk and eggs in our diet contribute more to climate change in the world than the emissions of our fleet. The rapidly growing meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than all the traffic together - Fatter beef meat, chicken meat and pig meat contain more saturated animal fat and cause more welfare diseases like cerebrovascular disease, obesity and common cancers.
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AuteurPeter A.J. Holst
PublisherBrave New Books
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