European labour law legislation

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This publication brings together the most important European and international regulation in the area of labour law. It includes regulations from, among others, the European Union, the Council of Europe and the International Labour Organisation. The selected regulations are decisive to some extent for the content of the EU member states' national labour law or contain rules on the conflict of laws and jurisdiction law (private international law). Because of the growing international influences on national individual and collective labour law, it is hardly possible to be acquainted with the labour law of the different European countries without some knowledge of European (labour) law. In addition, an increasing number of employees are working 'across the border', for example in the context of secondment (posting of workers), which raises questions about the law that applies to their employment contract.

This law book is therefore useful not only for the lawyer who is primarily engaged in European labour law, but also for the lawyer who is engaged in 'national' labour law practice. This publication is also intended for university education and higher professional education.

The selection is preceded by an introduction. This introduction provides a brief overview of the different sources of European labour law, outlines the main points of European Union law and briefly describes the eleven sections which comprise the volume.
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