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W.A.H. Mulder-Schalekamp was a well-respected medium experienced in spiritual séances, and the author of 'On The Borders Of Two Worlds'. This book came into being in a completely different manner to her first book as it was written by Emed, who used her as his instrument to create this work.Emed's primary reason for writing this book is to assure people living on Earth that life does not cease with the death of the mortal body. In Emed's case his death represented the beginning of a new and exciting life for him. There will be many among you who will attribute the life after death stories and descriptions of the land on the Other Side as flights of fantasy, but for those who are familiar with spiritual teachings the content of this book will reinforce what they already know to be true. For those ignorant of this topic this book may prove to be both enlightening and comforting.With the wish that the reader will see this as a unique work from the spirit world, I now give Emed to the world.

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Meer informatie
AuteurW.A.H. Mulder-Schalekamp
PublisherA.J.G. Strengholt's Boeken Anno 1928 B.V
Product FormPaperback
Aantal bladzijdes188
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Recensie achterlatenEmed
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