Drawing power

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A Washington PostABC NEWS survey in October 2017 revealed that more than half of the women polled54 percenthad experienced "unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances" at some point in their lives. Thirty percent received these advances from male colleagues, and 25 percent identified men with sway over their careers as the culprits. The global #MeToo movement has shone a light on these alltoocommon violations, particularly those in the workplace, creating a tsunamilike change in the way sexual violence is perceived, discussed, and handled. Drawing Power: True Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment, and Survival: A Comics Anthology aims to showcase the growing freedom now felt by many to come out of the shadows to speakabout their own personal experiences. The comics artists featured comprise a wideranging group of international, femaleidentifying cartoonists of many ages, sexual orientations, and races, and their stories convey the wide spectrum of sexual harassment and abuse
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