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At the forefront of a new wave of activity books, this menagerie of wild animals comes to life through the application of hundreds of colorful stickers.

This collection of charming animals provides a satisfying creative experience. Twelve templates of abstract exotic animals--including a giraffe, lion, flamingo, antelope, and meerkat--are paired with hundreds of colorful stickers. Readers simply need to follow the guide and create the images of the animals by applying the stickers to the template. Because the drawings are abstract, there is no "correct" place for each sticker--as long as the right colors are in the right area, the animal will still emerge from the dots. Additional pages of brightly colored stickers give readers the means to express themselves by creating different animals. This freedom to "color outside the lines" offers the chance of creativity and fun. The "canvases" and sticker sheets are detachable, making the process easier and allows the images to be displayed afterwards. The perfect vehicle for unwinding and letting those creative juices flow, this exceptional sticker book will find a ready audience in adults as well as children.
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