Customers are just like regular people

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Everybody has customers; some are within our own organizations and some are outside them. We exist by their grace because ultimately they are the ones who pay our salary for our next vacation or the new car. That is to say they do if they are satisfied Customers are just like regular people shows what can go wrong in our contact with customers how to prevent this and how to find better ways of doing things. With his sharp humorous columns Jos Burgers holds up a mirror to the reader. If you think you can tempt your customers with fancy full-colour brochures and big words you will be amazed by the 100 eye openers in this book. You will certainly never look at your customers in the same way again! Customers are just like normal people: they want attention and respect and they want to feel they can trust you. If you want to improve your customer orientation you must therefore do more than just supply a product or a service: you have to fulfil these customers wishes and not merely try to attract new clients. Remember: if you never lose another customer your business will increase automatically! Jos Burgers is an independent marketing consultant who helps organizations strengthen their market position and improve their customer orientation. He is a bestselling author in the field of marketing and customer relationship management and a popular speaker at seminars and conferences.
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AuthorJos Burgers
PublisherAcademic service
Binding MethodEbook
Year of Publication2010
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