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Is cooperation really the best way to achieve your own goals? The first answer is often "yes." But sometimes it is better to claim all the winnings and not give the other party anything, or in a different situation to give them everything. When considering our strategies, we look for ways to satisfy two basic motivations. One is the drive to realize our own talents, dreams, and goals. The other is the drive to engage with others in building lasting relationships. What do we choose at any given moment? Nine conditions influence our choice. How can you meet those conditions so that cooperation is the best choice? That is the subject of this guide - a book that can help managers to create conditions under which employees choose to work together effectively. Organizational consultants, facilitators, trainers, and coaches who want to provide organizations with practical knowledge and skills will also find guidance here. Cooperation can be the basis for long-lasting and profitable working relationships in an organization, as long as management allows for the 9 conditions that turn cooperation into the best option for everyone involved. And this can be done without individuals having to sacrifice their own self-interest. Ton Voogt designs and carries out organizational development projects and trains managers. From 1987 to 2011, he had executive responsibilities at Schouten & Nelissen. Since then he has worked independently and in partnerships in the Netherlands and Asia.

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