Converting offshore wind into electricity



"Converting Offshore Wind into Electricity" offers an overview of the results of the Netherlands' offshore wind energy research program We@Sea. The program was carried out from 2004 to 2010 and covered the entire spectrum of topics associated with the accelerated implementation of large scale offshore wind power on the North Sea. The topics, described in this book include: * Wind turbines and wind farms (new concepts and design tools) * Transport, installation and logistics * Operation and maintenance * Grid integration * Ecological impacts and spatial planning * Implementation scenarios * Industrial and societal aspects The We@Sea programme's results are presented in the context of worldwide advances in large scale implementation of offshore wind power and science and technology development. From the We@Sea topics, selected projects are summarised. These give a comprehensive view of the contribution of the Netherlands' technical and scientific community to the knowledge base of offshore wind power. In particular significant results were achieved in the development of operation and maintenance (cost estimation and operational optimisation), access technology, new concepts and the analysis of the impact of wind turbines on marine life and birds. Full reports of all projects carried out within the framework of the We@Sea programme can be accessed at

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