Conditional design

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Conditional Design is the sequel to Operative Design. This book will further explore the operative in design in a more detailed, intentional, and functional manner. Spatially, the conditional is the result of the operative. Both terms work together to satisfy a formal manipulation through a set of opportunities for elements such as connections and apertures. The conditional starts with investigating not only ideas of circulation and light but also how volumes relate to the ground. These manipulations might react to an already existing condition or create a new set of conditions based on the operation and the ground plane. Operative Design presented opportunities for iteratively studying relationships. In order to further understand these volumetric studies, it is imperative to give the volumes scale along with connection between volumes, if applicable, and openings within the volumes. Again, the conditions presented are not definitive, but are meant to serve as explorations of an iterative process. Anthony Di Mari is an adjunct professor at Northeastern University's School of Architecture where he teaches first year architecture studios and advanced representation. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from Holy Cross before completing a Master's Degree in Architecture at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. * New title in the successful Architecture & Design Experiments series * Sequel to Operative Design * Useful for architecture students and teachers

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AuteurAnthony di Mari
PublisherBIS Publishers BV
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