Composing architecture and interior design

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Composing Architecture and Interior Design introduces different ways of creating architectural space. It explains how to compose architectural and interior design spaces step by step - starting in the first years of architecture and interior design studies. The book starts with introducing different spatial configurations using basic elements such as walls, floors and ceilings in order to create spaces with different architectural characteristics, such as collective or transition spaces. Photos of physical models are graphically edited to ensure a comprehensive visual explanation. Physical models are the main tool for all architecture and interior architecture students, allowing readers to understand, relate and copy the modelling techniques shown in each example. Throughout the book this same approach is used, in order to explain step by step the most contemporary approaches of composing space, such as folding surfaces or combining curves which already are often used in contemporary practices and globally acknowledged.

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AuteurSimos Vamvakidis
PublisherBIS Publishers BV
Product FormPaperback
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Recensie achterlatenComposing architecture and interior design
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