Carnival on Curaçao

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Carnival on Curaçao allows the reader to experience the biggest Curaçaoan festival of the year. It is colourful and sparkling; original, professional and innovative. It is grandiose and beautiful, and it is aimed at everyone. It is there to be enjoyed, demanding participation. It is a people that show off their very best - a festival that brings cultures together and reconciles them. With photographs by Bea Moedt and ?adorned? by Elodie Heloise using stories and interviews, it?s Carnival on Curacao. Share the experience!

Photographer Bea Moedt has lived on Curaçao since 1993, after immediately falling under the spell of all that the island has to offer. Her many attractive and colourful images bear witness to the most beautiful locations as well as an impression of life on Curaçao.
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AuthorElodie Heloise
Binding MethodHardcover
Year of Publication2010
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Recensie achterlatenCarnival on Curaçao
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