Caleidoscopio cards

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Caleidoscopio Cards is a set of pictures for use in coaching and training.

Images are a powerful tool. They help people to express their thoughts, emotions and feedback more easily. They can help us to give meaning to feelings and come up with strong associations. Visuals remain in the memory for a much longer time than spoken words. Especially in new groups or teams the cards are a wonderful tool to become acquainted with each other and they can play an important role in organizing thoughts and emotions.

Caleidoscopio Cards contains 60 picture cards in DIN A6 size and a tri-lingual manual (English, Dutch & German) with tips for use in many different ways.
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AuthorAnnette Gisevius, Frauke Peter
PublisherKessels & Smit Publishers B.V.
Binding MethodSpel
Year of Publication2019
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