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Busy busy busy is something we all experience, but it does not have to control your life and lead to stress. This book will help you get a grip on your own vitality independently, without external help, in order for you to avoid more serious consequences like a burnout or a bore-out. We provide you with a practical and broad approach to recognizing and handling the symptoms of tension using clear, accessible language. You’ll learn how to convert irrational, stress-inducing thoughts in your line of thinking to realistic thoughts that release less intense emotions. Physically, it’s important that you experience sufficient relaxation, while the insights offered by mindfulness teach you to consciously live in the present instead of going through life on autopilot. By developing effective time management skills, you’ll make sure that you remain the master of your own time, at work and in your private life. Learning to be assertive and how to deal with criticism will help you accomplish this and will give you more control and infl uence over your own life and wellbeing . The numerous examples will make you feel acknowledged and you can get straight to work completing the exercises in this practical do-book. You will see that you can do a lot to make life more enjoyable.

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AuteurCarry Petri
PublisherUitgeverij Thema
Aantal bladzijdes131
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Recensie achterlatenBusy, busy, busy
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