Brazil`s Modern Architecture

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- The most comprehensive survey and analysis of 20th-century Brazilian architecture, told by a new generation of critics and historians - Covering around 200 buildings and urban designs, key events and projects appear within a series of thematic chapters - Extensively illustrated with both archival black-and-white and new colour photographs, drawings and sketches - Offers a fresh reading of Brazil's era of high-modernism in the 1930s-60s, placing it in context with regard to earlier and later architecture and broader changes taking place in Brazilian culture at the time - Charts post-Brasilia developments, including case studies of contemporary projects, showing the relevance of Brazilian architecture within the international scene


Now available in paperback, this book is the most comprehensive survey and analysis of Brazilian modern architecture to date, written by a young generation of Brazilian architects and historians for an international audience. Examining the works from the 'inside', and with different critical perspectives, they offer new and compelling readings of the country's architecture. Discussing the works of Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa, as well as those by less known but equally respected architects such as Affonso Eduardo Reidy, Vilanova Artigas and Jorge Machado Moreira, they show how modernist ideals were incorporated into a country with a legacy of contrasts and contradictions.

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