Beware the Dromedary Flu

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We remember still a single farm with chickens and pigs on the farm and cows in the pasture. Increasingly we see grain silos appear with consumption animal farms, whose pigs, chickens or cows never outside come. Diseases, which can be transmitted from animals to humans, are the result. The expansion in the intensive livestock and tropical bird breeding threatens the health of us all. It is of great importance that the air we breathe indoors in private homes, public transport, public buildings and factory farms, is free from contaminants in order to prevent the spread of all kinds of flu, which can affect all. Chronic diseases and even cancer can result from it.

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AuteurPeter Holst MD PhD
PublisherBrave New Books
Aantal bladzijdes102
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Recensie achterlatenBeware the Dromedary Flu
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