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2018. The year after a decade of Barometer Public Real Estate required a reorientation of the added social and scientific value of the Barometer. I am convinced, based on ten years of Barometer Public Real Estate, that this value lies in further professionalisation of the social organisations that employ real estate as an asset for achieving their social objectives. This increasingly requires you to lift yourself to a higher strategic level as a professional organisation and to learn from other industry organisations, both nationally and internationally. That is why an increasingly multi- and interdisciplinary real estate approach is the key to successful, versatile real estate that remains coordinated with social issues. The Conference of Interdisciplinary Research on Real Estate (CIRRE) on September 20-21 at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, the Netherlands, is a prime example of this. Hence the current Barometer Public Real Estate 2018, which is mostly oriented internationally since we are slowly gaining an international foothold with regards to public real estate research and we also act as research partners internationally more often. In 2018, we were able to present various research projects as lectorate Public Real Estate at the American and European Real Estate Society in respectively Florida, USA and London, UK, as well as at the 2nd Conference Interdisciplinary Research of Real Estate in Cartagena, Spain in 2017. Multiple international Journal publications by the lectorate Public Real Estate also took place in 2018 and earlier. In addition, this year will be the start in the Netherlands of the RICS professional group Public Real Estate, which presented its first position paper at the CIRRE 2018 conference. This year will also see a separate publication of the research of professor Marleen Hermans of Delft University about the embedding of the commissioning role in municipal organisations, to which we were able to make great contribution. This year, I have chosen a collection of articles the majority of which was presented at the CIRRE 2018 conference and with relevance for Public Real Estate, digitalization and the RICS. In addition, joint research was added from the expert partners bbn, institute VGM, Metafoor and the lectorate Public Real Estate in 2018, on professionalisation of municipal real estate in the Netherlands. Digitalization was added since this will have a large influence on real estate processes, including Public Real Estate. As not all professionals and/or research projects have an international orientation yet, you will find contributions both in English and in Dutch in this book, as well as the contact details of the authors. This allows you to contact them regarding this publication in your own language. I hope to have once again contributed to the discussion surrounding the commitment of Public Real Estate. Jan Veuger Professor Public Real Estate
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