Autoimmune reactions and the immune system

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Autoimmune Reactions and the Immune system presents an overview of the immune system. For the first time a schema with all the elements of the immune system was possible due to all the evidence-based material meticulously gathered in centuries of medical science. This schema has been elaborated with a new perspective on the immune system, encompassing not only the fight against viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi, but as the system organizing the processing of the cells of the body. A perspective shifting from fighting to protection and ultimately to exchange between the human body and its surroundings. To enable this broad perspective a fourth pathway of complement activation was developed, the melatonin-pathway. Dr. Martine F. Delfos is a scientist active in a broad scientific area, combining different scientific fields, who also works as a practitioner.
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AuthorJuliette van Gijsel, Martine F. Delfos
SeriesPICOWO reeks
Binding MethodEbook
Year of Publication2018
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Recensie achterlatenAutoimmune reactions and the immune system
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