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A poster book containing 30 detachable posters made by artist/designer Federico BabinaArchist is a playful interpretation of the expressive language and aesthetics of some of the world's most popular artists. For example, Babina tried to imagine what a house designed by Dali´ or a museum conceived by Miro´ would look like.- The book shows that there is a symbiotic relationship and implicit partnership between architecture and art. A sculpture is like micro-architecture, a fac¸ade can become like a painted canvas and a building can look like it was shaped by a skilled sculptor.- The posters in the book manage to catch the essence of the oeuvre of the artists in question. As a consequence, the posters are much more than mere decoration; they become a playful piece of art history.Federico Babina is an Italian architect and graphic designer who lives and works in Barcelona. He tries to rediscover the world through the eyes of a child: spontaneously, uninhibited and without being conditioned by experience. Federico Babina expresses himself through different techniques, styles and shapes. He likes the richness of language and the diversity of its forms. Drawing and illustrating allow him to describe and visualize his thoughts, feelings and emotions. Every image tells a story, every image is a story's witness.

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