Anti-Suit Injunctions

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Promotion text: Anti-suit injunctions are orders restraining a party from commencing or continuing proceedings before a state court and can be issued by a court or arbitral tribunal. The book examines if and when anti-suit injunctions can be ordered and contemplates their legal conformity. It deals with jurisdictions familiar with anti-suit injunctions (e.g. England and USA) and compares it with the legal setting in Switzerland. The analysis not only relies on publicly available material but also on confidential arbitral case law. Besides information on arbitral proceedings reported directly by arbitrators, the author was able to take into consideration unpublished material from proceedings conducted under the ICC Rules and the International Arbitration Rules of Zurich Chamber of Commerce (now replaced by the Swiss Rules).
This is a new volume in our acclaimed International Arbitration and Commerce series which provides a thorough analysis of the use of anti-suit injunctions in common law and civil law jurisdictions.
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