All the World’s a Stage

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Many higher education institutions around the world aspire to be international. They may have many reasons, but the most important one is to facilitate graduates in becoming true world citizens, with knowledge of and concern for the challenges facing the world and with the international and intercultural competencies they need to function well in increasingly international and multicultural societies and labour markets. The Research Group International Cooperation, which will continue in 2018 as the Research Group Global Learning, aims to generate and disseminate knowledge that supports the implementation of the Internationalisation Policy of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Specific fields of study are the acquisition of international competencies by students during study or internships abroad, in an international classroom and in Dutch classes, with or without a training module supporting students in the goal-conscious and goal-oriented development of these competencies. Other studies concern the use of CLIL in English-medium instruction, collaborative learning and the plight of Asian students. With the growing attention to the internationalisation of education, the importance of the lecturers is increasingly recognised. Action research accompanies the professionalisation of lecturers in the area on internationalisation. Jos Walenkamp of The Research Group International Cooperation of The Hague University of Applied Sciences previously edited the volume “The World’s Mine Oyster; Studies in support of internationalisation in higher education” (Eburon, 2015).
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AuteurJos Beelen, Jos Walenkamp
PublisherEburon Uitgeverij
Soort boekHardcover
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