A walk in historic The Hague

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Go back in time, on a walk with guides who were here in the ‘golden age’ of The Hague. Their colorful stories, often funny or sarcastic, help us discover the history of sites and buildings that are still here. Many historic pictures and maps show the streets, buildings, men and women in that time. The Hague was – and is – one of the important, international cities of Europe. This walk passes by historic sites, with stories and anecdotes about the buildings and the people who lived and died there. Where politicians like Van Oldenbarnevelt and De Witt were killed, where painters like Paulus Potter and Van Gogh lived and worked, where little Mozart and old Karl Marx lodged and walked, and where people prayed in hidden churches. On the way, (virtually) visit the many museums and listen to music of that time. Besides the historic center, there are walks to nearby Scheveningen and the beach, in the old center of Voorburg, and in the historic wood and parks of The Hague. A great way for expats, visitors and ‘Haguenese’ to get to know the town.

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