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My jungle adventure


Auteur: viction workshop


20 pagina's  |  Victionary  |  juli 2017

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My Adventure series is a highly interactive card game designed to inspire hilarious, bizarre and creative storytelling. Choosing random cards and throw the dice that determines the genre, participants have to use their improvisation skills and tell an original story by joining up the elements at hand. Run into the endless forrested land with My Jungle Adventure and tell everyone what happened out there! Whether it be an unfortunate incident, a horrific encounter, or something thatís absolutely absurd, My Adventure series will be an amusing pastime amongst family and friends and a challenge for the quick-witted and eloquent.



Auteur(s)viction workshop
Soort boek 20 pagina's
Uitgever Victionary , Verschijningsjaar: 2017
ISBN-13 9789887714965
ISBN-10 9887714968
Taal Engels
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