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The power of connection

how conscious communication contributes to managing differences in organisations 

Auteur: Ellie van der Est

Engels - Hardcover

110 pagina's  |  BigBusinessPublishers  |  augustus 2012

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Ellie van der Est (Rotterdam 1952) is organisation consultant, coach and trainer. The first half of her career she worked in social organisations and in government institutions (on local and national levels) during which her work was focussed on management and on initiating and coaching changing processes. In 1993 she started her own company. The reason was that she wished to design her own vision with regard to cooperation and sustainable developments. About her work she says: 'My inner motive is to deliver a contribution to a world in which people treat each other respectfully by, among other things, creating sincere and effective relationships. In her book 'The Power of Connection' she has summarised her expertise and her views collected over a period of twenty years in which she worked with individuals as well as with teams within organisations. The message of this book has proven to be highly effective in a wide variety of situations. 'It is a book meant for professionals, written with compassion. It raises awareness of everything a manager already knows or should know from an essentially different angle' FRANKLIN BECH, OWNER LYNX& RIGHT CONSULTANCY The book 'The Power of Connection' gave me a firm footing to bring up this theme for discussion within the walls of the school'. VERONIQUE THIELEMANS, DIRECTOR JAN RUUSBROEC COLLEGE, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM. 'An exciting book' JAN-WILLEM BOK, ENT SPECIALIST FLEVO HOSPITAL, ALMERE, THE NETHERLANDS.



Auteur(s)Ellie van der Est
RedacteurLiesbeth Sollie, Alison Wooding
VertalerHenk van Oort
Soort boek Hardcover, 110 pagina's
Uitgever BigBusinessPublishers , Verschijningsjaar: 2012
ISBN-13 9789491141041
ISBN-10 949114104X
Taal Engels


Categorieën Business & Economie  >  Communicatie
Studieboeken  >  Media en Communicatie
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