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Thermal comfort and energy related occupancy behavior in Dutch residential dwellings 2018


Auteur: Anastasios Ioannou

Engels - Paperback

244 pagina's  |  TU Delft Open  |  oktober 2018

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Residential buildings account for a significant amount of the national energy consumption of all OECD countries and consequently the EU and the Netherlands. Therefore, the national targets for CO2 reduction should include provisions for a more energy efficient building stock for all EU member states. National and European level policies the past decades have improved the quality of the building stock by setting stricter standards on the external envelope of newly made buildings, the efficiency of the mechanical and heating components, the renovation practices and by establishing an energy labelling system. Energy related occupancy behavior is a significant part, and relatively unchartered, of buildings’ energy consumption. This thesis tried to contribute to the understanding of the role of the occupant related to the energy consumption of residential buildings by means of simulations and experimental data obtained by an extensive measurement campaign.



Auteur(s)Anastasios Ioannou
Soort boek Paperback, 244 pagina's
Uitgever TU Delft Open , Verschijningsjaar: 2018
ISBN-13 9789463660969
ISBN-10 9463660968
Taal Engels
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