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Fascism, liberalism and Europeanism in the political thought of Bertrand de Jouvenel and Alfred Fabre-Luce


Auteur: Floris Daniël Knegt

Engels - Hardcover

Amsterdam University Press  |  oktober 2017

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Despite the recent rise in studies that approach fascism as a transnational phenomenon, the links between fascism and internationalist intellectual currents have only received scant attention. This book explores the political thought of Bertrand de Jouvenel and Alfred Fabre-Luce, two French intellectuals, journalists and political writers who, from 1930 to the mid-1950s, moved between liberalism, fascism and Europeanism. Daniel Knegt argues that their longing for a united Europe was the driving force behind this ideological transformation-and that we can see in their thought the earliest stages of what would become neoliberalism. "This is an intellectual history of the highest order by a genuine scholar who provides a powerful case study in the turbulent ideological dynamics of fascism which should interest all those interested in fascism as a project not of reaction and anti-modernism, but of national and social transformation and renewal, of creating an alternative modernity. It is also a remarkable case study in the bad faith and moral cowardice that forces individuals to redact their own past once they survive into a liberal age." - Roger Griffin, professor of modern history and political theorist at Oxford Brookes University, England. "This is a thoughtful, well-written monograph on the lives and political activities of Bertrand de Jouvenel and Alfred Fabre-Luce." - Constantin Iordachi, professor of history at the Central European University, Budapest



Auteur(s)Floris Daniël Knegt
Soort boek Hardcover
Uitgever Amsterdam University Press , Verschijningsjaar: 2017
ISBN-13 9789462983335
ISBN-10 946298333X
Taal Engels
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