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Medieval Saints and Modern Screens

Divine Visions as Cinematic Experience 

Auteur: Alicia Spencer-Hall

Engels - Hardcover

Amsterdam University Press  |  november 2017

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Medieval Saints and Modern Screens | Alicia Spencer-Hall

Engels - eBook | januari 2018

Prijs: € 94,99


The thirteenth-century Latin hagiographic works known as the "Holy Women of Liège" corpus presents biographies filled with dramatic visions of God and intense physical unions with Christ. The texts that make up the collection demonstrate the problematic division of body and soul in the period and also reveal the potential of text to transmit visual experiences. This book explores those qualities of the texts using the latest developments in film theory, taking up such topics as the relationship of film to mortality, embodied spectatorship, celebrity studies, and digital environments.



Auteur(s)Alicia Spencer-Hall
Soort boek Hardcover
Uitgever Amsterdam University Press , Verschijningsjaar: 2017
ISBN-13 9789462982277
ISBN-10 9462982279
Taal Engels
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