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Kyiv, Ukraine - Revised Edition

the city of domes and demons from the collapse of socialism to the mass uprising of 2013-2014 

Auteur: Roman Adrian Cybriwsky

Engels - Paperback

372 pagina's  |  Amsterdam University Press  |  januari 2016

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Kyiv, Ukraine | Roman Adrian Cybriwsky

Engels - eBook | januari 2016

Prijs: € 38,99


'Kyiv, Ukraine: The City of Domes and Demons'is a pioneering case study of urban change from socialism to the hard edge of a market economy after the fall of the Soviet Union. It looks in detail at the historic capital of Ukraine - Europe's seventh-largest city - with emphasis on the changing social geography of the city, on urban development, and on critical problems such as official corruption, social inequality, sex tourism, and destruction of historical ambience. The book is based on fieldwork and an insider's knowledge of the city, is written in an engaging style, and is nicely illustrated with numerous photographs by the author. A beautiful city that has been known for its great river, the Dnipro, and for so many spectacular churches capped with golden domes that it was once called a New Jerusalem, is today being devoured by demons of capitalist greed and corruption.



Auteur(s)Roman Adrian Cybriwsky
Soort boek Paperback, 372 pagina's
Uitgever Amsterdam University Press , Verschijningsjaar: 2016
ISBN-13 9789462981508
ISBN-10 9462981507
Taal Engels


Categorieën Geschiedenis & politiek  >  Geschiedenis & politiek algemeen
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