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Only Nature Lives Forever

Nothing is stronger and more powerful than nature. 

Auteur: Lancar Ida-Bagus

Engels - Hardcover

308 pagina's  |  Mijnbestseller.nl

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Who can overcome his mind and control, has to his mind a good friend, but who fails in this is precisely the spirit his worst enemy, because who does not know how to control his mind is always together with his biggest opponent and will be constantly missing out on life's purpose. After all, who knows to keep his head cool in a real fight, is undoubtedly already the victor, but who can not, will be inclined to act rashly and panic which he will lose the fight. As long as our turbulent spirit remains undefeated enemy, we used to obey the orders of anger, disappointment, depression, and both mental and physical symptoms. It has often happened in the past, people in war afflicted by disease or injured yet were still able to deceive and defeat the enemy . Religious see there, at such a moment, a miracle or the hand of their god. But in these cases it is due more to the control of their own mind which has seized them unconsciously or consciously by the present danger. Remember God does not exist and neither devils, and the heaven / nirvana / walhallah and hell encompasses the environment that is created by the ignorant, hateful and arrogant humanity on the basis of selfishness.



Auteur(s)Lancar Ida-Bagus
Soort boek Hardcover, 308 pagina's
Uitgever Mijnbestseller.nl
ISBN-13 9789462544109
ISBN-10 9462544107
Taal Engels


Categorieën Religie & spiritualiteit  >  Religies
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