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Psychological communication

theories, roles and skills for counsellors 

Auteur: Henk T. van der Molen, Gerrit Lang, Peter Trower, Roger Look

Engels - Paperback

206 pagina's  |  Eleven international publishing  |  maart 2018

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This book combines relevant theoretical insights and concrete communication skills necessary for effective counselling and coaching. The authors first explore the helper's basic attitude. Secondly, they discuss views from client-centred, cognitive behavioural and social learning theories that are important for good helping. Bridging theory and practice they describe the helper in four roles: confidant, communicative detective, teacher, and coach. The helper uses these roles within a three-stage helping model: problem clarification, gaining new insights and treatment of the problem. As a guide to counselling practice they describe the essential communications skills for each of these three stages. Many practical examples clarify the counsellor-client interaction which is discussed throughout the book.

Online material*
The online material (www.psychologicalcommunication.com) accompanying this book offers numerous exercises that are helpful to enhance the student's insight in the theories and to acquire the communication skills.

* (The website is still under construction but will be available at the start of the academic year)

Over 120.000 copies of the Dutch edition of the book have been sold.



Auteur(s)Henk T. van der MolenGerrit LangPeter TrowerRoger Look
Soort boek Paperback, 206 pagina's
Uitgever Eleven international publishing , Verschijningsjaar: 2018
ISBN-13 9789462360525
ISBN-10 9462360529
Taal Engels


Categorieën Studieboeken  >  Psychologie
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