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Prints in Paris 1900

from elite to the street 

Auteur: Fleur Roos Rosa de Carvalho

Engels - Hardcover

160 pagina's  |  Mercatorfonds N.V.  |  maart 2017

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The French fin de siècle (1890-1905) was the most famous period in the art of printmaking. Pierre Bonnard, Alexandre Steinlen and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, among others, experimented intensively with the new printing techniques, with striking and beautiful results. The greatest innovation of these artists was the way they applied their talent to every level of the market: from deluxe proofs for the elite, especially for collectors, to applied graphic work for a broader audience. The reader of the book will be welcomed into these worlds from high art to art for 'the street'. The attractively designed book will be richly illustrated with fine examples of posters, sheet music and magazine illustrations, as well as the most exclusive and luxuru collector's editions. The Van Gogh Museum with its fine and broad collection of 1,800 prints is a world renowned centre of research for Van Gogh and for his times and contemporaries.



Auteur(s)Fleur Roos Rosa de Carvalho
VertalerTed Alkins
Soort boek Hardcover, 160 pagina's
Uitgever Mercatorfonds N.V. , Verschijningsjaar: 2017
ISBN-13 9789462301696
ISBN-10 9462301697
Taal Engels


Categorieën Kunst & cultuur  >  Kunst & Cultuur algemeen
Kunst & cultuur  >  Kunstgeschiedenis
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