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The new world order


Auteur: Han Peeters

Engels - eBook (EPUB)

223 pagina's  |  ClusterEffect  |  september 2012

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In this exciting fantasy adventure novel Emile van Straten, a historic scientist, is sailing around the world with his girlfriend Jenny on their yacht the Davy Jones. During their journey Unesco assigns him to investigate a document that was found on the island Terceira. Then Emile discovers the magical diamond, a tour de force in geometry. A mysterious symbol that turns out to be the key to the unravelling of world mysteries, such as the pyramids of Giza, the Nazca-plain in Peru and the mysterious Moai-statues on Easter Island. Based on his discoveries Emile writes a manifesto for a new world order with solutions for global problems that no one had thought of before. He sets up the OcOmmunity with far-reaching worldwide consequences.



The new world Order

Do you like the books of Jules Verne and Dan Brown, then you should definitely read this book. The book begins with a description of various Greek gods and how they establish themselves on Atlantis. Then the story proceeds with a sail journey of Emile and his girlfriend Jenny. The link between these two parts follows soon as Emile and Jenny have a terrifying experience at sea. This appears to be exactly on the site of ancient Atlantis. What follows is a story of extraordinary discoveries and insights that lead to idealism, called Oism. This book has special plots and twists. The Osism is well developed and provides a picture of how the ideal world would look like. If this ever will be reality has to be looked at.

Full of mysticism but lacks flow

After an exciting start the book soon loses flow and it takes a long time for the story to develop. The book contains a lot of facts and descriptions that did more to distract from the storyline than support it. When the story does starts to unfold it gets more interresting. Somehow the writer has managed to interconnect mysteries as aliens, piramids, atlantis, easter island and much much more with an interresting dose of numerology. When the new purpose and vision of the main character unfolded I would liked to have red more about the human side of it. At times the last part of the book reads more as a manifest than a story. The main character lacked likeability due to his lineair way of thinking and functional interpersonal behaviour. A shame because his intentions to make our world a better place seem sincere and give food for thought. When I told my husband about the book he asked me jokingly if the main character was called ‘Gary Stu’ (to be honest; I didn’t get it and had to Google this first) and though it isn''t that bad he does have a point. This book is just not for me.

a memorable reading experience

The New World Order is an impressing reading experience. It’s hard to put a label on the book. Some parts are like reading a very exciting adventure novel, but other parts are like reading non-fiction. It is like reading a cross-over between Dan Brown and Erich von Däniken. But the story is fascinating and especially the first part invites to read at a stretch. Even though some things asks some knowledge and concentration from the reader. Or the will to learn and do some research yourself and to expand your knowledge. On the other hand some parts are almost educating without disturbing the reading experience. The part of the seasailing is very convincing and natural written. I didn’t have any knowledge about sailing, but I learned a lot of it by reading this book. Mystery, adventure, ideology are the keywords for this story. But most of all it is not a book that you leave behind after turning the last page. It offers so much food for thought, about the world, about your own position in the world. That makes it more than a simple novel, it is a memorable reading experience.

The New world order

The new world order is written by an author who has done his studies well on all kind of phenomenas in the world. Some are really interesting to read, some are more like showing off with knowledge. It takes a while untill the story gets up to speed. Especially an entire section about sailing isn''t that interesting. When the story kicks off it is a Davinci Code-esque chain of events which leads to a new political system in which "a new world order" is invented. A new political system which copes with all problems we face today. If you''re interested in things like the Bermuda Triangle, Pyramids, but also in politics and adventure the book will read well.

News for the future

For Han Peters sailing is his passion. Looking for a lost civilization he exposes his knowledge about mythology and modern sailing technique. His ideas about the creation of a total new monetary system, thus making a better world, are food for thought. Travelling on board of his yacht with his girlfriend, Emile van Straten encounters many problems and weird phenomena. His book, a mixture of a thriller and his outspoken ideas about the future, is pleasant to read.

Nice story

When I started reading ‘The New World Order’, I didn’t know what to think of it. The first chapters were so different from what I knew the story was about. But then the real story started and I began to like it. Especially when the puzzle and the mystery started, which are really well thought out and I liked how it turned out. But the thing I didn’t like was that I thought the story ended when I had still a lot of pages to go. Then the tension was gone and I couldn’t quite keep my attention to the story, because the writer takes his time to let Emile van Straten explain and establish the OcOmmunity. However, this new world order was also very well thought out by the writer. The tension starts again when Emile van Straten finds another part of the puzzle. So in short, I really liked the story, but it’s a shame the writer couldn’t keep the tension throughout the book.


Auteur(s)Han Peeters
IllustratorHenriette Bodmer
Soort boek eBook, 223 pagina's
Bestandstype EPUB
Uitgever ClusterEffect , Verschijningsjaar: 2012
ISBN-13 9789462170049
ISBN-10 9462170045
Taal Engels


Categorieën Thrillers  >  Thrillers
Thrillers  >  Thrillers
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