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The insectoid cosmogenesis trilogy II Cah rah


Auteur: Hester de Wray

Engels - Paperback

169 pagina's  |  Mijnbestseller B.V.  |  februari 2013

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The second ring of the Insectoid Cosmogenesis Trilogy; Cah'rah, is a thrilling sequel continuing the story to the present of days, as the reader is taken deeply into the mysterious world of Wraith while they encounter humans from an entirely different galaxy. The reader learns of their motivations, when the main characters internally fight their hivebased nature that adverses their longing for a free existence. In the meanwhile the notorious Wraith "Samael", who once was captivated by the Lanteans and taken to Earth, prepares a wide scaled attack on Earth itself, as he collects all the facts and tools he requires to re-establish contact with his people. Here the reader will get to know some Wraith individuals from their worst and best side when they finally seize the chance to set the ultimate conditions in order to execute their plans. Cah'rah unravels one of their darkest and best kept secrets when another danger starts conveying a horrible force throughout the Pegasus galaxy and finally to Earth, embarking upon an unyielding quest to carve an epitaph on the throne of the Wraith Matriarch and on that of humanity as we know it!



Auteur(s)Hester de Wray
Soort boek Paperback, 169 pagina's
Uitgever Mijnbestseller B.V. , Verschijningsjaar: 2013
ISBN-13 9789461936158
ISBN-10 946193615X
Taal Engels


Categorieën Literatuur  >  Romans
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