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Improvising early music

the history of musical improvisation from the late Middle Ages to the Early Baroque 

Auteur: Rob Wegman, Johannes Menke, Peter Schubert

Engels - eBook (PDF)

136 pagina's  |  Universitaire Pers Leuven  |  april 2017

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Improvising early music | Rob Wegman

Engels - Paperback | november 2014

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The history of musical improvisation from the late Middle Ages to the early Baroque. Studying improvised music is always a challenge, due to its volatility and unpredictability. But what about studying musical improvisation from before the age of sound recordings? In this book three experts give their view on aspects of musical improvisation in the late medieval, renaissance, and early baroque periods. Historical sources show us how improvisation was an integral part of music education and how closely improvisation and composition were linked. This gives new insights into the way music was played in its original historical context and a new way to look at written scores from the past. Improvising Early Music will appeal to anyone interested in the historical background of our written musical heritage, and to musicians who want to gain a deeper insight in the way this music was created. Contributors: Johannes Menke (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Basel), Peter Schubert (Schulich School of Music, McGill University, Montreal), Rob C. Wegman (Princeton University)



Auteur(s)Rob WegmanJohannes MenkePeter Schubert
Soort boek eBook, 136 pagina's
Bestandstype PDF
Uitgever Universitaire Pers Leuven , Verschijningsjaar: 2017
ISBN-13 9789461661593
ISBN-10 9461661592
Taal Engels
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