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Papercraft Book 

Auteur: Pepin van Roojen

Meerdere talen - Paperback

100 pagina's  |  Pepin Press B.V., The  |  februari 2019

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This book contains 50 sheets (=100 pages) of different types of artist papers that can be used to create and customize a range of papercraft projects. There is 1 sheet with text and 9 sheets with foldable cards, 8 sheets with templates for envelopes to be cut and folded, 4 sheets of sticker paper with total 48 stickers, 8 sheets 200gsm artist paper with 10 postcards , 4 gift-card cards and 24 gift tags. This section is perforated and die-cut; it should be easy to remove the cards and tags, the holes in the tags are punched out and the slots for the gift cards are cut. Furthermore 10 sheets with 14 colouring designs printed on thin grey lines and finally 10 sheets with pictures that are ready for framing (“frameable pictures”). The sheets are acid-free, age-resistant and originate from responsible sources.



Auteur(s)Pepin van Roojen
Soort boek Paperback, 100 pagina's
Uitgever Pepin Press B.V., The , Verschijningsjaar: 2019
ISBN-13 9789460094026
ISBN-10 9460094023
Taal Meerdere talen
De vier beloften van AKO:

1. Niet goed, geld terug

2. Bezorging waar jij dat wilt: thuis, op werk of in een filiaal

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