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A wink in the darkness

my life of prison or my life behind invisible bars my autobiography 

Auteur: Manja Croiset

Engels - Hardcover

78 pagina's  |  Brave New Books  |  november 2016

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A wink in the darkness | Manja Croiset

Engels - Paperback | november 2016

Prijs: € 22,75


Manja Croiset Amsterdam, July 5,1946.The youngest of three daughters SHOAH survivors. Her father, was in concentration camps because of underground printing,including HET PAROOL started as a resistance newspaper.Her mother lost her entire family-(grand)parents, brother and sister-during this tragic period of history. Paula Kool March 11, 1918 - May 11,2012.Her father, Odo Croiset April 24,1915- November 18,2011 As a girl,she felt invisible, with no right to fear or sorrow because of the tragedies her parents had survived-always so much worse than anything she was going through or ever could.The times she lodged in mental hospitals were terrible experiences, torture. Of course no cure. Her situation/condition worsened. She was 16 when her mother decided she had to go away. WINK is a deeply moving book of poetry and prose that reflects on the life,trials and tribulations of its author. A unique kind of biography. Willy Lindwer won a Emmy Award for the "Last seven months of Anne Frank" made a movie about the gruesome life of Miss Croiset. She turned into an activist in spite of her bad constitution because of her tormented life for justice in every atrocity, especially medical errors.



Phenomenal book

A wink in the darkness The autobiography of writer Manja Croiset. This book tries to tell the story of a fragile girl whom, through trials and tribulations, became a strong woman, an activist at that. Interlaced with poems, it will take you through an unbelievable journey. Growing up as the daughter of Holocaust survivors, tortured and tormented in clinics and always feeling rejected. The author has a rare writing style. Through the immense amount of associations many detours are taken , none of which do not add to the complete story. Surprisingly the story comes together more And more at every turn. Which makes this book so interesting to read. Many things could be said about this book yet silence, caused by sheer shock, horror, but also awe due to the strength and endurance of the writer, seem to overcome the reader. Silence, as Manja Croiset gives you a glimpse in her prison without bars.

Remarkable Books of a Remarkable Woman

Again overwhelmed, the life story of this woman is almost incredible! Why remarkable, because how she managed to write books like this and if she never is breaking such a strong LADY. I was shocked about the article of Mrs Esther Voet in the Dutch Jewish weekly NIW if Miss Croiset will only write books as therapy. Mrs Voet why didn''t you start that Miss Croiset is mistreated by MD''s so terrible that she is an invalide and bedridden. You wrote about a weak person. I only red about a very very strong intelligent lady, never given in and not a beggar. I have no words enough neither in English or in Dutch. Hebrew my mother tongue. Miss Croiset deserves a international breakthrough how she in spite of her mistreatments and so on. And all the knowledge of her about history, culture and science maybe more than Mrs Voet who lives a normal life and famous because she a fighter. Miss Croiset too in a way, that nobody else can. So again why an article about weak mental case. I saw a You Tube also in The Neverending Shoah ''the brand of a mental patient as the tattoos in WW II in concentrationscamps.'' I expected more nesjomme!

In Shock

A real horrific book, so impressed. I only can say: ''you have to read it''. You really don''t believe your eyes. An incredible power to dare and in her condition unbelievable to write such a book.... 5 stars 10 and stars sounds so lovely and its gruesome. Human Rights not in the Netherlands and I admire miss Croiset because. She is telling about terror and discrimination all over the world. Her knowledge is incredible about politics but also culture in English not her mother tongue.... While she is not able to leave her house and the main part of her day laying in her bed and so well informed.


Auteur(s)Manja Croiset
Soort boek Hardcover, 78 pagina's
Uitgever Brave New Books , Verschijningsjaar: 2016
ISBN-13 9789402144642
ISBN-10 9402144641
Taal Engels


Categorieën Geschiedenis & politiek  >  Memoires & BiografieŽn
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