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ArchiMateŽ 3 Foundation and Practitioner (Level 1 & 2) Courseware


Auteur: Andrew Josey

Engels - eBook (PDF)

Van Haren Publishing  |  september 2017

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The Courseware consist out of ArchiMateŽ 3 Foundation and Practitioner (Level 1 & 2) (ISBN978 94 018 0217 8) and the additional ArchiMate 3.0 Publications like: - ArchiMate 3.0 Specification (ISBN: 978 94 018 0047 1) - ArchiMate 3.0 a pocket Guide (ISBN: 978 94 018 0048 8) This courseware is based on ArchiMate 3.0. The ArchiMate Specification is a modeling language that enables Enterprise Architects to describe, analyze and visualize relationships among architecture domains using easy to understand visuals representations. It provides a common language for describing how various parts of the enterprise are constructed and how they operate, including business processes, organizational structures, information flows, IT systems, and technical and physical infrastructures. In a time when many enterprises are undergoing rapid change, ArchiMate models help stakeholders design, assess and communicate those changes within and between architecture domains, as well as examine the potential consequences and impact of decisions throughout an organization. A training in ArchiMate will give you knowledge about theoretical and practical aspects of ArchiMate and is useful if you wish to be able to apply this modelling language in practice.



Auteur(s)Andrew Josey
Soort boek eBook
Bestandstype PDF
Uitgever Van Haren Publishing , Verschijningsjaar: 2017
ISBN-13 9789401802376
ISBN-10 9401802378
Taal Engels


Categorieën Studieboeken  >  ICT
Studieboeken  >  ICT
Serie Courseware
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