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Dries Van Noten 51-100

The anniversary edition 

Auteur: Dries Van Noten, Tim Blanks, Susannah Frankel

Engels - Hardcover

464 pagina's  |  Lannoo  |  januari 2019

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An invitation into the stirring world of Dries Van Noten expressed through the expansive landscape of his first 100 collections and fashion shows.Dries Van Noten's constant and creative vision, compelling prints and eclectic designs flawlessly combine the designer's rich inspirations, materials and forms in his fashion collections for men and women. With his eye for detail, vivid colours, prints and shapes, this iconoclastic designer stands tall amid his world peers.Renowned fashion journalists and experts Tim Blanks and Susannah Frankel guide us through the Dries Van Noten artistic universe, collection by collection, fashion show to fashion show, offering intriguing insights into this steadfastly independent and exceptionally successful fashion designer and house.This wonderfully illustrated and luxuriously designed book illuminates Dries Van Noten's body of work from his 50th fashion show in March 2004, to his 100th in March of 2017. Hundreds of scintillating fashion photos show the continuously evolving, yet always coherent aesthetic vision of this exciting designer.



Auteur(s)Dries Van NotenTim BlanksSusannah Frankel
Soort boek Hardcover, 464 pagina's
Uitgever Lannoo , Verschijningsjaar: 2019
ISBN-13 9789401442961
ISBN-10 9401442967
Taal Engels


Categorieën Body & mind  >  Lifestyle & Etiquette
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