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Auteur: Adri Blonk

Engels - Paperback

244 pagina's  |  U2pi BV  |  december 2018

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Love and happiness: few people will not be looking for these things in their life. Sometimes the search takes up a lifetime. Especially where unconditional love and happiness are concerned, it is not an easy quest. People often look for the answer in money, possessions, prestige, power, relationships and the like. They tend to find that while these can contribute to short-term happiness, they are not a permanent solution. People need to look beyond these things to discover where they can find true happiness and unconditional love. There is a greatness within every human being that you can barely begin to imagine. It consists of unconditional love, compassion and so many more wonderful things. However, these are frequently hidden behind blockages which, among other things, need to be removed, released and processed by working on the self and persisting in doing so. This book offers a detailed discussion of everything such work involves that may be of use to you. It also goes into the positive effects on other people, mother Earth and so on. When you start working on yourself you will receive extra support from the so-called other world in the form of unconditional love and compassion.



Auteur(s)Adri Blonk
Soort boek Paperback, 244 pagina's
Uitgever U2pi BV , Verschijningsjaar: 2018
ISBN-13 9789087598174
ISBN-10 9087598173
Taal Engels


Categorieën Religie & spiritualiteit  >  Spiritualiteit
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