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Grundlaget for IT service management

baseret pa ITIL 

Engels - eBook (PDF)

249 pagina's  |  Van Haren Publishing  |  april 2012

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In recent years IT Service Management has developed into a field in its own right. Organizations are now so dependent on the automation of large parts of their business processes that the quality of IT services and the synchronization of these services with the needs of the organization are now essential to their survival. This introduction to IT Service Management published by ITSMF-NL is based on the latest edition of the ITIL books on Service Support Service Delivery and Security Management and is intended to serve as: a thorough and convenient introduction to the field of IT Service Management and the core books in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). a self-study guide that contains all the material needed to prepare for the Foundation Certificate examination in IT Service Management. The book fully covers the official syllabus of the ITIL Foundations exam as it is set by the ITIL Certification Management Board. It contains the same chapters on Service Support Service Delivery and Security Management as the official "Introduction to ITIL" plus a case description with questions and an additional chapter on exam preparation making it even more useful as a study guide for the ITIL Foundation exam. While this book may serve as a textbook it is not a theoretical book. Instead it contains a wealth of practical knowledge collected by the editorial board. This practical knowledge and the introduction to the field of IT service management make the book useful even for those not preparing for the examination. Since no single publication can have the answers to all the questions that arise in a field so multifaceted as IT Service Management the aim of the book is to raise key questions to encourage discussions and the comparison of the best practices found in the book with the reader's own experience. We expect that this book will fulfill a clear need and it deserves not just to be read and studied but also to be used wisely in practice.



RedacteurJan van BonAnnelies van der Veen
Soort boek eBook, 249 pagina's
Bestandstype PDF
Uitgever Van Haren Publishing , Verschijningsjaar: 2012
ISBN-13 9789087538415
ISBN-10 9087538413
Taal Engels


Categorieën Studieboeken  >  ICT
Studieboeken  >  ICT
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