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Living memoria

studies in medieval and early modern memorial culture in honour of Truus van Bueren 

Engels - Paperback

432 pagina's  |  Verloren b.v., uitgeverij  |  mei 2017

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In the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period people took extensive care to safeguard their own salvation and eternal remembrance, and that of their deceased relatives. Their care for the here and the hereafter is expressed in the concept of memoria, which can be defined as the complex of liturgical and social acts connecting the living and the dead. As such, memoria is much more than a religious concept. During her career dr. Truus van Bueren has become an internationally acclaimed scholar researching the various aspects of memoria, including the objects and written sources related to the remembrance of the living and the dead. To honour dr. Van Bueren on the occasion of her retirement from Utrecht University this volume incorporates twenty articles that deal with medieval and early modern memorial culture written by international experts. Contents: Preface KIM RAGETLI/ROLF DE WEIJERT, Living Memoria. Truus van Bueren's Bio-bibliography Representation and Aspiration: ARNOUD-JAN BIJSTERVELD, Royal Burial Places in Western Europe. Creating Tradition, Seccession and Memoria BIRGITTE BØGGILD JOHANNSEN, 'Cum tota posteritas digne ut meruit simul honorare nequeat'. Staging the Queen's Memoria in Early Fifteenth Century Denmark KIM RAGETLI, In Word and Deed. Margaret of York and the Inclusion of Manuscript Collections in Memoria Research CHARLOTTE DIKKEN, A Monument to a Glorious Past and a Questionable Future? The Jerusalem Chapel in Bruges and its Stained Glass Windows CORINE SCHLEIF, Mapping the Social Topography of Memorials. Barbara and Kunz Horn Seek the Prayers of the Poor and the Respect of the Rich CAROLINE HORCH, Das steierne Festbuch als "Memorialbild". Eine kulturhistorische Betrachtung Text and Context: DICK E.H. DE BOER, Metra de Morte. Eine lateinische Totenklage über den verstorbenen Graf Guy von Blois (1397), als Teil der sich entwickelnden Memoriakultur ROLF DE WEIJERT, Gift-Giving Practices in the Utrecht Charterhouse. Donating to be Remembered? KOEN GOUDRIAAN, Geert Grote: a Founder Fading into Oblivion? PAUL TRIO, Obituaries or Anniversary Books: Handle with Care! The Example of the Ypres Confraternity of Our Lady ANNEMARIE SPEETJENS, The Founder, the Chaplain and the Ecclesiastical Authorities. Chantries in the Low Countries LEEN BREURE, The Richness of Memoria and the Web. New Ways of Publishing Ritual and Image: TTHOMAS SCHILP, Memoria in der Dunkelheit der Nacht. Lichtinszenierung mittelalterlicher Kirchen zum Totengedenken BRAM VAN DEN HOVEN VAN GENDEREN, Memoria and Amende Honorable in the Utrecht Collegiate Chapter of St. Mary SOPHIE OOSTERWIJK, Babes on Brackets on Medieval Tomb Monuments: a Meaningful Distinction or an Iconographic Oddity? HILDO VAN ENGEN, Memor esto mei. Devotional Diptychs and Religious Orders in the Late Medieval Low Countries HENRI L.M. DEFOER, The Triptych of the Pauw-Sas Family from the Utrecht Charterhouse DAANTJE MEUWISSEN/ANDREA VAN LEERDAM, The Last Judgement with Christian II of Denmark and Isabella of Austria. A Memorial Piece from the Workshop of Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen? W.C.M. (HELEN) WÜSTEFELD, Clavicula Salomonis or: Occult Affairs in Amsterdam's Kalverstraat? Jacob Cornelisz. Van Oostanen and Saul and the Witch of Endor Revisited OTTO GERHARD OEXLE, Fama und Memoria der Wissenschaft in der Kunst der Frühen Neuzeit



RedacteurRolf de Weijert, Kim Ragetli, Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld, Jeannette van Arenthals
Soort boek Paperback, 432 pagina's
Uitgever Verloren b.v., uitgeverij , Verschijningsjaar: 2017
ISBN-13 9789087042721
ISBN-10 9087042728
Taal Engels


Categorieën Geschiedenis & politiek  >  Wereldgeschiedenis
Studieboeken  >  Geschiedenis
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