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Ocean Nomad

The complete atlantic sailing crew guide - how to catch a ride & contribute to a healthier ocean 

Auteur: Suzanne van der Veeken

Engels - Paperback

408 pagina's  |  Oceanpreneur Publishing  |  oktober 2017

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No boat? No budget? No sailing experience? But an urge for ocean adventure... No problem! Sail the Atlantic Ocean as a Crew Member. Discover what it feels like to wake up on the ocean, breathe the ocean air, have the wind in your hair, navigate by the stars, live simple and resourceful, and be eye to eye with dolphins. Day in, day out. Travelling an ocean on someone else's sailing boat is not a straightforward endeavour. To be ready to expect the unexpected, careful investigation and preparation is essential. In this ocean travel crew guide you will discover HOW TO: - Start the adventure! Take that first step out the door. - Find a boat: where, when and why. - Plan, pack, prepare and provision as crew. - Check safety, reliability and the happy-factor of the boat, captain & crew. - Deal with seasickness, limited resources, waste, watch-keeping & more. - Make a positive difference for the health of the ocean. Packed with practical advice and stories, Ocean Nomad guides you from the idea of "someday I would like to go on a sailing trip", to sipping a coconut on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean celebrating the achievement. Jump on board! "This ambitious guide book is the spark that will ignite your sense of adventure and provoke your compassion to create a better world." Monique Mills - Captain & Ocean Advocate About the Author Suzanne Van Der Veeken hitched her first ride across the Atlantic as a complete newbie to the world of sailing. She has now sailed across the Atlantic three times on a strangers' sailboat. In fact, she has explored almost every ocean on the planet with this alternative way of travel. She has figured out how (and how not) to catch rides on other people's boats. Her ocean adventures have amazed her to the beauty of nature, but also the challenges the oceans are facing. With Ocean Nomad Suzanne aims to help adventure-seekers experience the magic of the high seas, to broaden horizons, and encourage positive change for the ocean. You can learn more about the author on Oceanpreneur.co



Auteur(s)Suzanne van der Veeken
Soort boek Paperback, 408 pagina's
Uitgever Oceanpreneur Publishing , Verschijningsjaar: 2017
ISBN-13 9789082745429
ISBN-10 9082745429
Taal Engels


Categorieën Reisboeken  >  Reisgidsen
Serie Ocean Nomad
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