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Modern Dutch Cuisine


Auteur: R. Coops, A. Westerhof, R.F. Meijer

Engels - Hardcover

104 pagina's  |  hAAi  |  september 2008

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Modern Dutch Cuisine _ Visitors to The Netherlands are often surprised that they cannot find a typically Dutch restaurant. Even for expatriates living and working here, the Dutch kitchen may remain closed territory. For, at the common place to get familiar with local dishes, with Dutch people at home, your curiosity is usually frustrated by your host's zeal to conform to international standards. Hence this book, to take the lid off the truly Dutch kitchen facts.

Modern Dutch Cuisine is an adapted edition of the popular Het Nieuw Nederlandsch Kookboek, with modern recipes based on neglected ingredients from the authentic Dutch kitchen.
Chef Paul van Waarden has kindly spilled the beans by creating twelve special menus - one for every month of the year - of three courses: starter, main course and dessert. Each course is a contemporary variation of some regional or local dish and based on ingredients in season.

The cookery book is easy to use, as all recipes go with a complete list of ingredients and quantities are expressed in both metric and imperial measures. A paragraph on either petty facts of Dutch history and culture or on particulars of the ingredients will improve your understanding. The book also features a miscellany of Dutch drinks to accompany your meal, ranging from buttermilk to Dutch gin.

Modern Dutch Cuisine is recommended to all expats in The Netherlands - and to all gourmets everywhere - who are interested in expanding their culinary horizon.



Auteur(s)R. CoopsA. WesterhofR.F. Meijer
VertalerR. Jacobs
Soort boek Hardcover, 104 pagina's
Uitgever hAAi , Verschijningsjaar: 2008
ISBN-13 9789081126120
ISBN-10 9081126121
Taal Engels


Categorieën Kookboeken  >  Wereldkeuken
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