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Cyber warfare

critical perspectives 

Engels - Paperback

311 pagina's  |  Ten Brink Uitgevers  |  oktober 2015

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Next to sea, land, air and space, 'cyberspace' appears to be the fifth operational domain for the military. This manmade and virtual sphere brings along opportunities and threats. In this book, academics of the Netherlands Defence Academy as well as specialists and military professionals from other institutions analyse developments in cyber security. The authors use various fields of expertise, enabling them to apply a truly multi-disciplinary approach. Cyber threats affect states' vital interests. By consequence, responses are required that need to come from public authorities as well as organisations on the market and in civil society. Additionally, this is not a national state's affair; cyber threats are an international concern. This collection of essays questions the premises and scenarios on which policy responses are based. Are these scenarios describing real or imaginary threats? A number of contributions specifically deal with this issue. This volume also covers the process of 'securitization', the legal aspects of cyber operations, the use of social media in military operations as well as an economic analysis of the costs of cyber dangers. Furthermore, the authors analyse organisational responses to cyber threats. Resilience is the central term in this respect, both at the individual and the organisational level of military HQs and strategic network management. An analysis based on operations research and game theory illustrates the vulnerabilities of digital networks. No matter how dangerous cyber threats may look at face value, one should not overdramatise the dangers, as the last chapters seem to imply. In all contributions, the authors have attempted to combine academic theory with practical views and suggestions. This makes this book valuable not only for people from academic life, but particularly also for people who struggle with the intricacies and worries of cyber threats in their everyday (professional) life. Colonel Paul Ducheine is associate professor of cyber operations at the Netherlands Defence Academy and a lecturer in military law at the University of Amsterdam. Air-Commodore Frans Osinga is professor of military operational art and sciences at the Netherlands Defence Academy. Joseph Soeters is professor of management and organisation studies at the Netherlands Defence Academy and at Tilburg University.



RedacteurPaul Ducheine, Frans Osinga, Joseph Soeters
Soort boek Paperback, 311 pagina's
Uitgever Ten Brink Uitgevers , Verschijningsjaar: 2015
ISBN-13 9789067043410
ISBN-10 9067043419
Taal Engels


Categorieën Studieboeken  >  Rechten
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