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Mathematical systems theory


Auteur: G.J. Olsder, J.W. van der Woude, J.G. Maks, D. Jeltsema

Engels - eBook (PDF)

206 pagina's  |  VSSD  |  maart 2012

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Mathematical systems theory | G.J. Olsder

Engels - Paperback | december 2011

Prijs: € 22,65

Mathematical Systems Theory | G.J. Olsder

Engels - eBook | augustus 2009

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A system is part of reality which we think to be a separated unit within this reality. The reality outside the system is called the surroundings. The interaction between system and surroundings is realized via quantities, which are called input and output. Quite often one wants, through a proper choice of the input, the system to behave in a certain way. Mathematical Systems Theory is concerned with the study and control of input/output phenomena. The emphasis is on the dynamic behaviour of these phenomena: how do characteristic features change in time and what are the relationships? These course notes are intended for use at the under­graduate level and form the basis for other courses such as optimal control and filter theory. Contents: 1. Introduction - 2. Some Modelling Principles - 3. Linear Differential Systems - 4 System Properties - 5. State and Output Feedback - 6. Input/Output Representations - 7. Linear Difference Systems - 8. Extensions and Some Related Topics - 9. MATLAB Exercises - Bibliography - Index In the International Journal of Robust Nonlinear Control (2006, 16, 87-88) Christian Commault wrote in his review of the 3rd edition of this book: 'In conclusion, this book may find a very useful place in the literature on linear system theory because of its qualities of presentation and writing, its concision and its good trade-off between rigour and accessibility. It can be considered as an appealing entrance in system theory which will encourage students, and also new researchers in the field, to pursue by the study of more complete books as, for example, those cited before.' URL http://www.vssd.nl/hlf/a003.htm



Auteur(s)G.J. OlsderJ.W. van der WoudeJ.G. MaksD. Jeltsema
Soort boek eBook, 206 pagina's
Bestandstype PDF
Uitgever VSSD , Verschijningsjaar: 2012
ISBN-13 9789065622969
ISBN-10 9065622969
Taal Engels


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Studieboeken  >  Exacte wetenschappen
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