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the beauty of useless stuff 

Auteur: Anja Brunt, Tineke Meirink

Engels - Paperback

80 pagina's  |  BIS Publishers  |  juni 2016

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Rubbish Rocks! For, whoever has an eye for it, there is beauty in everything, from rubbish to plain useless stuff. Designer Anja Brunt and illustrator Tineke Meirink have always been intrigued by the beauty of the mundane. For BIS Publishers, they both made a memory game and now they join forces for a combination celebration and DIY book on rubbish art. The popularity of urban art, recycling, rubbish art, and the whole Make culture gave them the idea for a book that both shows recent works by international artists who work with useless things and gives the reader step-by-step instructions to make their own art work in the spirit of the artists. The book features fifteen international artists who work with rubbish from various countries, showcases some of their projects, and has a DIY spread for a project by every artist.



Auteur(s)Anja BruntTineke Meirink
Soort boek Paperback, 80 pagina's
Uitgever BIS Publishers , Verschijningsjaar: 2016
ISBN-13 9789063694258
ISBN-10 9063694253
Taal Engels


Categorieën Kunst & cultuur  >  Kunst & Cultuur algemeen
Kunst & cultuur  >  Kunstgeschiedenis
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