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VIP vision in design

a guidebook for innovators 

Auteur: Paul Hekkert, Matthijs van Dijk

Engels - Paperback

376 pagina's  |  BIS Publishers BV  |  juli 2017

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The authors, design practitioners and educators bringing together 15 years of knowledge in this publication have produced the first book on how designers can formulate a vision for new and appropriate products. They call this approach Vision in Product Design (ViP). The approach strikes a good balance between structuring the process of design and allowing the designers to take a personal position and fully express themselves in the process of producing a product. It is both a method and a design philosophy. In addition to explaining what ViP is all about, this book offers a rich array of narratives, expressed through conversations, cases, literature, creative materials, illustrative models and pictures. Through these different routes, the reader will get a better understanding of ViP and will be able to interact with the book in more diverse ways, both in practice and in an educational context. Matthijs van Dijk is the CEO of Reframing Studio and a Professor of Applied Design at Delft University of Technology. Paul Hekkert is a Professor of Form Theory at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. * A new vision and method for product design from the Faculty of Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology * Designed by Irma Boom Office



Auteur(s)Paul HekkertMatthijs van Dijk
Soort boek Paperback, 376 pagina's
Uitgever BIS Publishers BV , Verschijningsjaar: 2017
ISBN-13 9789063693718
ISBN-10 9063693710
Taal Engels


Categorieën Business & Economie  >  Managementboeken
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