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Personal leadership


Auteur: Marieta Koopmans

Nederlands - Paperback

95 pagina's  |  Uitgeverij Thema  |  september 2009

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Personal leadership | Marieta Koopmans

Engels - eBook | november 2010

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Professional leadership starts with personal leadership. What is your vision of leadership? Which values do you find important? What do you believe about yourself? How do you think companies should be managed? All these questions relate to personal leadership. This book will help you to discover and give shape to your own management style.

Using the Quinn model you will be able to look into which management role is appropriate for you. With the Ofman core qualities model you will be able to discover your qualities, your shortcomings, challenges and the things you are allergic to. You will work on effective leadership using the seven Covey characteristics, and you will learn how to manage your time using the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). Stress is tackled as well as any convictions you have that hamper your progress. So that finally you gain an insight into what is necessary for any good professional: an image of yourself as a manager and the image you want to project in the future.



Auteur(s)Marieta Koopmans
RedacteurKate Santon
Soort boek Paperback, 95 pagina's
Uitgever Uitgeverij Thema , Verschijningsjaar: 2009
ISBN-13 9789058714428
ISBN-10 905871442X
Taal Nederlands


Categorieën Sport & vrije tijd  >  Algemeen
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